Coffee for The Adventurous Spirit.

At Pink Elephant Coffee Roasters, we embody a stewardship mentality and heart — from how we protect where we adventure to how we source. We focus on seeking responsibly grown green coffees that utilize fair trade organic farming and importing practices. 

We believe that quality flavor is the right companion to an adventure anywhere, and we maintain high standards and roasting metrics in order to dependably produce high-end, single origin coffees and espresso blends that are delicious, striking, and always remarkable. All of our beans are roasted to order in our German-built, Probat drum roaster so that we can deliver constant freshness to those who want to live well and coffee well.


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Protecting Our West

As a company founded in Utah, we are passionate about protecting where we live. Coffee and our natural environment gives us endless vitality that fuels the adventures we make and have yet to make. When sipping Pink Elephant coffee, perhaps by the campfire, on a mountain or through a river, you help ensure our public lands are here to stay for us all to experience wandering far and roaming free.