Our why

Our mission is to provide you with a remarkable coffee that will help you not only plan and embark on your adventures — it will be the companion after, as you rekindle, regroup, retell, and remember your experience again. 

Live well and coffee well.

The Coffee

Pink Elephant Coffee Roasters focuses on high quality and single origin coffees imported from farms and estates in countries around the coffee-producing world, with an emphasis on sourcing Fair Trade and organic beans. We strive to develop single origin coffees and blends that are both remarkable and approachable.


The great author Jack London writes about seeing pink elephants when one has over-imbibed. Referred to as delirium tremens (latin for the "trembling madness"), we feel this way when we need a cup of coffee, or when an adventure is calling.


Founders Mitch and Kelley Baker are passionate about Utah's public lands. There’s nothing that we love more than sipping a cup of coffee while surrounded by vast public lands, wild places and native wildlife — whether we’re sitting by a campfire, hiking up a mountain, wading in a river, or simply enjoying the view. This is why we give a portion of sales to local nonprofit organizations to ensure our public lands are here to stay. Wander far, roam free.

Learn how to brew

Reference our catalog of brew guides so you can always coffee well, no matter your style of brew.

Coffee Shop


Monday-Saturday: 8am – 5pm MST

Sundays: 9am – 5pm MST


509 Main St

Park City, Utah